We are one of the most affordable website development firms in Bangalore. But this reduction in cost doesn't come at the price of lowered quality. We still guarantee to provide top quality service no matter what we charge.

The perfect content requires a matching design and layout to really bring out its value. Just as content and UI needs strategising, so does the code that makes it all work so as to deliver a seamless user experience. We follow a fixed process for website development that involves three separate stages: Research, Design and Development. We send you reports after each stage to get your approval.

User Research

User acquisition and retention is the driving factor for any website project. Our initial step is to research and understand your business and it's Unique Selling Points (USPs) so as to formulate the perfect solution for you. We crosscheck our ideas with you to confirm your expectations before we get into the design process.


There's a lot that goes into designing the perfect User Experience(UX). It's the little things that affects the way a user interacts with a site, when buttons react to the user, forms only appearing when needed and so on. All this adds up to providing a seamless UX that'll keep your users hooked.

Have you ever browsed a website on a mobile or tablet device that didn't quite fit properly and forced you to zoom in and scroll about to read the content? Wasn't a great experience was it? This is where Responsive designs come in. Statistics state that over 50% of users browse websites through mobiles and tablets. At Kaskeid Designs, we design all our websites with a mobile first approach to ensure your projects are future-proof.

Development Platforms

All our projects are developed using Open source resources. Open source software are those that are developed and distributed freely under license. They may be developed by firms or communities. By making use of Open Source resources in our project, we ensure that you are not tied down to us and have the freedom to hire other developers for any further modifications.

Open source software have many benfits to them such as being cost effective (no licensing fees), large community support, and being very flexible and customisable.


E-commerce Websites

Global E-commerce sales are estimated to reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021.

B2B Companies hold a major share of these numbers.

Improvements in technology and the provision of high speed internet means more people are shifting to a digital marketplace causing even more companies to go online. As the competition increases, a well designed e-commerce website that can attract and retain your customers is an absolute necessity.

We, at Kaskeid, are skilled in all aspects of E-commerce website development from catalog creation to payment gateways using various frameworks and CMS like WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify.

While E-commerce websites are a necessity, the best way to retain your customers and ensure they keep buying from you would be to get an e-commerce app.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting plans can be very confusing when you have a lot of options and you're not really sure of your requirements. It's easy to end up paying a lot more by taking up plans that are meant for handling websites much heavier than your own. At Kaskeid Designs, we'll help help you host your website with the most suitable plan within your budget that ensures it's smooth running.

The right website can make all the difference for your business.