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We are one of the most affordable mobile app development firms in Bangalore. Our team of developers create stunning native apps for both Android and iOS. The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users. So, it makes sense for businesses to prioritize and focus on their mobile customers. Mobile Apps tend to be faster and more stable than mobile websites. Our app development workflow has three stages similar to our website development: Research, Design and Development.

Creative Designs

Apps are not restricted by browser settings which means they have a wider range of options in terms of UI/UX. Each mobile app can have it's own flavour in terms of color palette, page layouts, options, logo and so forth. It can be designed with a variety of touch features like swipe, drag, pinch, hold, 3D Touch and more.

Customer Interaction

Apps make it much easier to interact with your customers with the help of push notifications. Accessing apps is also a lot more convenient than websites, prompting more user engagement while a great UI helps to keep customers hooked.

Mobile Apps allow you to make use of additional hardware and accessories such as the mobile camera or the accelerometer to improve user interaction. Statistics state that mobile users spend over 85% of their time on apps rather than mobile websites.

Our Specializations

Here at Kaskeid Designs, we have a team of awesome developers who are specialised in developing a wide range of apps including E-commerce mobile apps and Enterprise apps for businesses.These apps can be built on native platforms for Android or iOS, or for those who would like more diversity, we can also build them on cross-platform frameworks like Cordova which let's you port the app to multiple OSs.

Mobile App Marketing

Developing an App isn't an easy task. But deploying it on the app store is only half the battle. As of 2017, there are over 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store and over 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. This means that without the right marketing strategy, your app will be lost in this veritable sea of apps. So let us use our expertise to create an app marketing strategy that gives your app the downloads it needs. This includes App Branding and Design, keyword centric App Title, Descriptions, Screenshots and more, along with other marketing techniques which promote your app on multiple platforms such as Universal App Campaigns.

App Maintenance

Publishing your app and getting installs isn't the end of a mobile app project. It involves constantly monitoring and updating the app to keep users enthralled. We offer maintenance packages that cover everything from occasional checkups to feature expansions and new versions. Contact us for more information.

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